Sex Toys and Good Vibrators Appears In India, Despite ‘Culture Limit’ And Shy Investors

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Couple´s Vibe.vibrating panties. ring vibes. Rabbit vibrators. G-spot vibrators. strap on toys. Orgy love dice. No, I am not picking them out of Fifty Shades of Grey nor making them up for kicks. They are just a few of the many sex toys that have caught the fancy of adventurous Indians discovering the joys of ecommerce – where e stands for erotic.

A big chunk of Indian society still likes to pretend sex doesn’t exist but that hasn’t yet stopped anyone from doing it for procreation, obligation, recreation, or even revenge. Lately, the recreational element of this basic human instinct has got a bit of a push with intrepid entrepreneurs launching estores for sex toys and sexual device that promise better sex.

Hurdles, one too many

There is probably no other country like India with its enormous sexually active population. Just 34 percent of its 1.3 billion people are below 14 years old or above 65. Who on earth can beat that?But we’re a country of prudes. And also some archaic laws, which often prove handy for ‘conscientious’ citizens and the moral police.

Section 292 of Indian Penal Code 1860 prohibits the sale, distribution, possession, and circulation of obscene objects. What is “obscene” is not clearly defined. So every once in a while, someone will send a complaint to the courts, who will then force the police to investigate the matter and submit a report. Last year, ecommerce titan Snapdeal was pulled up for selling rabbit pearl, dolls, and vibrators. The complainant accused Snapdeal of “abetting gay sex and exhibiting obscene products.”

The fear of such legal hassles prompted Ute Wiemer and Balaji TV, co-founders of sexual wellness estore Lovetreats to spend months on legal research before starting up. They hired a lawyer to go through all the past cases about sexual adults sex products in India. They made sure they understood the legal side of the business and knew how to stay out of the grey areas, before launching Lovetreats in 2015 in Bangalore.