It’s really embarrassed if you doubt it. The misconceptions surrounding arse play means that many men are too intimidated to explore it, lest they be labelled homosexual. Just because your man wants you to don a strap on If your boyfriend wants you to peg him with dildos, doesn’t mean that he likes dick. You may think you’re taking charge when you’re on top or tying a man up, but for me, none of it compared to actual penetration. You would not believe how confident…Continue Reading “Try Strap On with Your Boyfriend To Peg Him”

  One hundred years ago, the vibrator was invented to relieve doctors, whose fingers were frequently cramped from treating “hysteria” in female patients. Afterwards, it became a popular household appliance to help women get off on their own—and wasn’t considered sex toys until the 1920s. “The first home appliance to be electrified was the sewing machine in 1889,” writes Rachel Maines in her groundbreaking work, The Technology of Orgasm: “Hysteria,” the Vibrator, and Women’s Satisfaction. According to Maines, the electric good vibrator was the fifth…Continue Reading “Doctors Created Sex Toys After Growing Tired of Masturbating ‘Hysterical’ Women”