This little bullet vibrator is lovely, sharp, probably best suited to your clitoris, because it is small, but it can definitely be used to tease your nipples or itch you pleasure in your body. Crystal is a very high intensity cautious, powerful bullet vibrator, you can put your wallet and travel anywhere. For beginners, this is a particularly good bullet vibrator, because its size will not be intimidated. Be sure to read the instructions before you start, or you may be confused by the controls…Continue Reading “Crystal High Intensity Bullet Vibrator Will Rock You Up!”

As your girl may now know, I have tried a lot of vibrators and other female sex toys. Not 3, not 11, wow, maybe more than 20! When I see different sex toys on the Internet I will be very happy to try. I found this good vibrators which are able to adjust the shape so I can fiddle and bend to fit my position at this time like to massage. I really like it, after bending becomes a G-point vibrator. I can also stimulate…Continue Reading “The “Deformed” Good Vibrators Give You A Sense Of Dynamic Experience !”

My boyfriend and i have been out for a long time, we really liked our sex life, but since we all wanted to keep our love life exciting, we decided to try anal sex. Since I have never done this before, I am a little worried that we think the first use of sex toys is a good idea. Even if I was nervous, I was also happy to try something new and get adult toys to open the experience for me. What I really…Continue Reading “Have A Prefect Experience With The Explorer Of Anal Toys”

In the 1950s, humans discovered the female G-spot, and in the 1980s it was popularized as “G”. Most women find a strong pleasure after finding G-spot and massage, but rarely know what the g-spot is. Some women have already heard that the rabbit vibrator is easy to stimulate it, which is true. Some women are much more comfortable using sex toys to experience female g-spot stimulation and become adept at massaging the g-spot vibrators or dildos. Of course effective penile stimulation is also possible, and…Continue Reading “Female G-Spot Explore With G-Spot Vibrators”

Sex toys in accordance with the different functions, divided into many categories, for different types of people. Male sex toys: such as dolls, ring vibes and anal plugs . Female sex toys: such as vibrating panties, vibrators and strap on toys. But need to pay attention it’s different if you’re using sex toys alone. Female vibrating egg and rabbit vibrators or G-spot vibrators are mainly used to massage the female body of the shallow and external organs sensitive area, the effect will be better, and not necessarily like…Continue Reading “Different Kinds Of People Use Different Adult Toys-There’re Many Sexual Device”

Adult sex toys refer to the use of auxiliary supplies to help adults get the auxiliary, not only can more interesting, improve the quality of couples’ sex, but also can bring positive results to sexual health. For example, menopausal women can use sex toys to maintain vaginal elasticity, to avoid incontinence and other diseases. Some doctors will not reach the climax of women recommended adult toys. Sexual health is conducive to general health, the use of vibrators can improve the body’s feelings of the organs, so that the…Continue Reading “Sex Toys Are Good for sexual health”